Randy Brake

Randy Brake, also known as Randy Blake, hails from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He gained recognition for his role in “The Vancouver Asahi” (2014) and as Mr. Brakes in the Live Action Shimajiro TV segments, showcasing his diverse talents that go beyond acting.

His journey includes touring the United States and Japan with the Ringling Brothers Circus, a historic circus institution. After his time under the circus tent, Brake contributed his expertise as an instructor at Ringling Crown College. Notably, he entertained audiences as a comedian at the Tokyo Disneyland Diamond Horseshoe Review for three years, starting in 1998.

Randy Brake

Expanding his horizons, Brake collaborated with comedians, show-writers, and directors at Universal Studios Japan since 2001. His artistic repertoire encompasses various forms, from fire-eating and mime to comical magic, music, and juggling. Brake’s multifaceted talents have left a lasting impression across the entertainment landscape, showcasing his versatility and creativity in the world of performance arts.

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