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BIJ. Interviewer and Writer.

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Born and raised in Richmond,VA a city home to VCU, a university with one of the top 3 art programs in America birthing many creative talents where every corner has a mural blasted on a brick wall. It was only a matter of time till I decided to embark into the arts myself.

During high school in the late 2000’s I became fascinated with street wear, anime, and hip-hop culture where I would find myself skipping lunch to rush to the library and surf the web to catch what what was going on across the other side of the planet through several of blogs. At this time those sub cultures were very disjointed.

I found myself going to anime conventions wearing Jordans and Stussy feeling out of place in a room full of otakus. Throughout my last year of high school a legendary Japanese hiphop musician by the name of Nujabes had passed away and that’s when I decided to dedicate myself to working on a documentary project about his life.

This project led me to travel to Japan without any contacts or some type of network. I had to figure out where to go and who to meet on my own on in a different country where I didn’t speak the language. To make a long story short, after several of trips back and forth I made the move to live in Japan and explore more opportunities. I always idolized Harajuku from a far especially when I learned about urahara culture and the many brands that came from that era. This fascination led me to work at one of the biggest select stores in Japan. Cultivating my prior experiences from working in the apparel business in Japan and filmmaking, naturally it would only make sense to create a medium that could work well with both of these experiences cohesively. The idea of creating a world around streetwear/fashion culture by not not starting a brand, but using stories as the main vehicle to drive that vision has always fascinated me.

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