Claudia Fambrini

Claudia Fambrini was born in Camaiore 48 years ago, and since her childhood, she has been passionate about cinema and dance. She started modeling for major fashion houses at a young age, winning a series of beauty contests, including Miss Versilia 1998, Miss Bikini 2000, Miss Cinema 2000, and eventually Miss Mamma Italiana nel Mondo 2019.

Claudia worked in Milan as a presenter on a satirical football program aired on Sky and collaborated with various regional TVs as a commentator.

Claudia Fambrini

Her life has always been marked by many experiences in the entertainment industry and a lot of study and dedication, such as a theater and performing arts course, crucial for breaking down barriers in front of the audience, and a diction school to soften the Tuscan accent.

In the film industry, Claudia made her debut with the Vanzina brothers, with a small role in “Anni ‘60,” a part in a police drama aired on Sky, and a role in the dramatic film “Una ragione per combattere,” released in theaters in 2014.

Always hungry to learn and explore, in 2006, Claudia flew to the United States to Florida to gain experience as a showgirl and deepen her study of the English language.

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