Yoshiki Hayashi

Yoshiki Hayashi, known as Yoshiki, is a renowned Japanese musician, songwriter, and record producer, best known for leading X Japan and the Last Rockstars. Described as a “musical innovator” by Billboard, he’s recognized as “one of the most influential composers in Japanese history” by Consequence.

Yoshiki’s solo career features classical albums and collaborations with artists like Bono, The Chainsmokers, and Queen’s Brian May. He’s composed for prestigious events, including Emperor Akihito’s enthronement celebration and the 69th Golden Globe Awards. His contributions extend to anime and film soundtracks, including Attack on Titan and Saw IV.

In 2023, Yoshiki made his directorial debut with “Yoshiki: Under the Sky” and became the first Japanese artist honored at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, showcasing his global impact in music and film.

Yoshiki Hayashi

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