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Who is GilGlaze?

Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland the land dubbed as the world’s financial hub, fancy designed watches, and delicious chocolate is also the home to the world renowned DJ/musician,

The Life Of A Superstar DJ

Gilglaze djing in a soccer stadium
GilGlaze sound checking in a soccer stadium in the daytime before a big event.

GilGlaze. As a DJ, GilGlaze is living the dream with multiple residencies in some of the most extravagant clubs in the biggest cities in America. Those clubs are Omnia in San Diego, club LIV in Miami, and the Marquee in New York and Las Vegas. Along with securing many of these key mark residencies, he has also been able to maintain a position in the top 20 best house dj’s curated by the swiss nightlife awards for the past 4 years. However some may ask how did he reach this level of success as a DJ.

Getting Started and Figuring it Out

During high school a trip to UCLA summer camp to learn DJing and broadcasting was a pivotal moment in his life then returning back to Zurich and promoting for local nightclubs in Swiss at young age of 18. Soon after while still in high school he decided to launch his own record label “Breeze Records”, GilGlaze already having a mature ear for music at a young age and providing an opportunity for other artist while establishing his taste as a budding A&R. At this time he began creating music himself and collaborating with many artist while developing his sound.

Many DJs that make the transition to being a musician are often heavily critiqued as imposters pretending to mash buttons, however imposter syndrome does not apply to GilGlaze in this situation. Studying music theory, business, and production at the New York University Clive Davis School of Recorded Music where he was able to hone his skills to make the transition from DJ to musician and back very smooth and legitimately.

GilGlaze Take His Sound On A World Tour

GilGlaze encore photo.
GilGlaze taking a group photo at the end of his set.

Signed to Sony and working with music giants like Shawn Mendes and The Chainsmokers which he collaborated on a song with called “Nice Hair” along with opening for superstars such as Marshmello, Tiesto, Don Diablo, and Sam Feldt provides qith quite the resume. To add to that, his hits such as “Can’t Let You Go”  has helped him rack up an impressive  100K+ Spotify monthly streams. As a DJ with global reach and status, going on tours all over the globe in Europe, Asia, Australia, and all over the US even playing in front of a massive crowd of over 60,000 people in Serbia some would say GilGlaze has seen it all. However, the buck doesn’t stop there for GilGlaze as he envisions his career to be limitless.


There is more to learn about the globetrotting DJ throughout this interview exclusively on BIJ where he even shares a hilarious story about his laptop shutting down in the middle of a set and scrambling to fix the situation while club goers are spraying champagne everywhere splashing his computer. Watch this podcast as he shares not only wild stories like this, but also his influences, and where he is heading into the future throughout his illustrious career. For more content related to Japan, register to our page for free and receive a notification on news an updates as soon as they are posted.

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