Shijuro Ogata

In 1971, he took on the role of branch manager at the Okayama branch office of the national bank. During the Nixon shock in August of the same year, he played a crucial role as the general manager of the General Affairs Division in the Foreign Bureau, navigating a tumultuous market. Following this, he served as Deputy Director of the Foreign Bureau before relocating to New York City in 1975.


Assuming the position of Director at the Foreign Bank of the Bank of Japan in 1979, he further advanced to the role of director at the Bank of Japan in 1981, overseeing international relations.

In 1991, Ogata entered retirement, subsequently taking on roles as a board director at Yamaichi Securities and Fuji Xerox. Notably, he co-chaired the United Nations Financial Advisory Committee, contributing his expertise to international financial matters.


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