Shibuya’s “No Halloween” Campaign – Insights from the Inaugural Night


Shibuya, known for its lively Halloween parties, has gone through big changes this year with the “No Halloween” campaign. The first night of this new plan gave us a good look at what they’re trying to do. They want to make Halloween in Shibuya less wild, especially around the famous scramble crossing where many people gather. They have more police now.

One big change we noticed that night was there were more police officers around. The first night of this new plan showed us their aim to control the wild Halloween parties at Shibuya’s famous scramble crossing. They want to make sure everything is safe and in order.

Having more police around is an important part of the plan to discourage Halloween gatherings, especially because of the ongoing problems with COVID-19. The police were quick to respond to any signs of trouble.



The “No Costume, No Entry” Regulation

To enforce the “No Halloween” campaign, authorities introduced the “No Costume, No Entry” regulation, effectively prohibiting entry to Shibuya’s streets for individuals adorned in costumes.  characterized by elaborate and imaginative costumes. This marked a noticeable departure from past Halloween celebrations in Shibuya, which had been.

Atmosphere and Public Response

Without people wearing Halloween costumes, the atmosphere felt different. It seemed like they wanted Shibuya to be more like a regular night. Some people might have thought there were too many police officers, but others felt safer.

On the first night of the plan, there were fewer people compared to before. This might be because the rules were stricter, and they didn’t want big groups of people.

Preliminary Observations

Shibuya’s “No Halloween” campaign is very different from the usual exciting and costume-filled Halloween celebrations in the area. It might take people a while to get used to these changes, but the main goal is to keep everyone safe and prevent big gatherings, especially because of the ongoing pandemic.

The inaugural night of the campaign, marked by an imposing police presence and the enforcement of the “No Costume, No Entry” regulation, effectively established the tone for Shibuya’s redefined Halloween celebrations. The evolution of the campaign and the response of the public as the Halloween season unfolds will be closely monitored.

In Shibuya, a district renowned for its capacity to adapt and rejuvenate, the “No Halloween” campaign represents another phase in its ever-evolving narrative. As this campaign unfolds, we will continue to assess its impact on the district’s identity and its ability to maintain order while upholding the spirit of Shibuya’s distinct celebrations.

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