Rola Chen

Rola rose to fame through her participation in the Super Girl show, securing a spot in the top 50 and catching the attention of a Japanese music producer. Following a visit to Japan in October 2006, she officially debuted in May 2007.

Since then, she has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, featuring in over 36 television programs, gracing the pages of more than 30 magazines, hosting two radio programs, and making notable appearances in a television drama and a commercial for a canned coffee brand by Asahi Soft Drinks. Additionally, she ventured into publishing with the release of her photo book titled “Rola♥Rola.”

A highlight in her career includes serving as the host in the NHK educational program “Chinese [language] on TV,” which premiered in 2008. Collaborating with Eiko Koike in the student role, Rola has been a part of the show since March 31, 2008, showcasing her versatility and continued success in the entertainment realm.


Rola Chen

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