Mugen 19 Boxing Event

Mugen 19 Boxing Event

On January 22nd, there are going to be the first Mugen Idomu boxing event of the year. Mugen Idomu are organized by the Japanese comedian and director for Moon Dream, Bobby Ologun and the legacy boxer who is well known by his power to knockout people, Hiranaka.

Mugen Idomu provides boxing events for the boxers in Okinawa who are having a hard time and a luck of chance to participate in boxing events. Ridwan Oyekola also known as “Scorpion” who are currently training with Bobby Ologun preparing for the main fight of the event. On his debut in Japan, scorpion won against Japan featherweight 2nd place Watanabe in Sapporo. Scorpion are now fighting against a fighter from Thailand, Manat Sopatip. There will be about 10 fights with other fighters such as Seeser Minagawa and Ryoma Yamashiro from vo.17 and 18.

Fight Card

Fight Predictions

They will be participating in this fight for revenge so you can’t miss this fight!! The location will be at Tomigusuku Civic Gymnasium in Tomigusuku, Okinawa.

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