Kaori Kawabuchi

Kaori Kawabuchi training sword fighting

A Japanese motion capture actor that has worked for several video game projects. She specializes in swordplay and has appeared in video game franchises like Final Fantasy, NieR: Automata and the Netflix original animation Ghost In The Shell SAC 2045. Due to her renowned reputation for Japanese sword performances, Kaori is also known as LADY SAMURAI. Kaori Kawabuchi is also a lead vocalist of Japanese rock duo KAO=S, and writes primarily all the lyrics.

Kaori began the band after 2011 post the large earthquake in Japan and the chaos that came from it which inspired her to name the band KAO=S with her band members singer/guitarist Shuji Yamakiri who she met in 2010. She plans on making her voice acting debut in the year of 2023. Kaori Kawabuchi continues to get requested to host sword fighting workshops within Japan and overseas as she has garnished notoriety and respect world wide in her select field. A short film titled “Lady Samurai” which documents her life as a female sword specialist has screened at film festivals all over the globe and explains in great detail what she’s all about as she expands her brand.

Kaori Kawabuchi training sword fighting
Kaori Kawabuchi choreographing a fight scene.


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