Judy & Mary

In June 1991, Onda, a member of the heavy metal band “JACKS’N’JOKER,” embarked on a journey to Hokkaido for the filming of the movie “Itsuka Giragirasuru Hi.” It was during this time that he crossed paths with YUKI and delved into understanding the person behind the artist. At a convivial drinking party with the film crew, YUKI confided in Onda, expressing her desire to start a band but feeling uncertain about the path ahead. Following this revelation, YUKI shared a demo tape with Onda, who, captivated by her singing voice, selected her as the vocalist. In February 1992, the core trio of YUKI, Onda, and Yasushi Fujimoto came together to form the group. The moniker “Judy And Mary” was chosen to symbolize the dual nature of a cheerful and positive girl named “Judy” juxtaposed with a slightly twisted and negative counterpart, “Marie.” This duality mirrored YUKI’s own multifaceted personality, giving the band a name that resonated with their dynamic and expressive music.


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