How To Become Big In Japan

How to become Big in Japan

Are you dreaming big in Japan?

VIew of Tokyo
View of Tokyo near Roppongi

Are you interested in making yourself big in Japan? If so, read this post carefully because it will give you some tips on how to become big in Japan. Japan is a very popular country for young people. It has a rich history and diverse culture that attracts tourists from all over the world. People often think about studying abroad in Japan because of its reputation as a safe country, which makes students feel safe when they are out alone at night or on holidays; however, many people are worried about making themselves big in this country because there are not many opportunities available for foreigners who want to work here or study there. Some people who have come before us did not succeed because they did not take action soon enough and were discouraged by setbacks along the way; however, we can learn from their mistakes so that you can be successful at becoming big in your own way!

You can become big in Japan if you are determined and take action!

It’s not easy to become big in Japan, but it is possible. You need to be persistent and consistent.

If you are an entrepreneur or in entertainment business and  you want to be big in Japan, then you need to do the following:

As a entrepreneur 

1. Build a network of influencers and other entrepreneurs.

2. Create a strong social media presence that highlights your expertise and personality.

3. Develop a website that is optimized for Japan’s search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!

4. Attend networking events, conferences and seminars where you can meet potential partners and clients.people talking

5. Find a local partner who can help you navigate the Japanese business world.

6. Start doing business with Japanese companies now and build relationships with them over time.

7. Create products that are relevant to Japan’s market and culture, such as mobile apps or software programs.

8. Attend trade shows and events related to your industry where you can meet potential partners or clients in person.

9. Offer freebies or discounts to your customers in exchange for their email addresses and social media handles.

10. Start a blog and post regular updates about your industry, products and services.

a person searching something on tablet11. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices so it can be viewed on smartphones and tablets.

12. Create a video that showcases your company and how it can help Japanese businesses gain more exposure online.

13. Start a podcast or YouTube channel where you can share industry trends and news with other business owners.

14. Learn how to speak Japanese so that you can communicate with clients directly via phone calls or video conferences; however, this may require hiring someone who is fluent in both languages to manage these conversations on your behalf.

15. Become a member of local business organizations and attend networking events where you can meet other professionals and share ideas with them.

16. Offer free workshops or seminars on topics such as online marketing and customer service strategies.

17. Start an affiliate program through which your customers can earn commissions by introducing new clients to your company; however, be sure that these affiliates adhere to the same high standards of business ethics as those employed by your own employees.

18. Set up a blog and use it to post articles that educate others about how they can improve their businesses by using your products or services.woman working on her computer

19. Write an eBook on Japanese marketing strategies and sell it online via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

20. Offer a free trial of your products or services so that people can try them out before committing to buy.

21. Write a blog on Japanese marketing strategies and use it to share your knowledge with others who may be interested in learning more about this topic.

22. Start an affiliate program through which people can earn commissions by introducing other businesses to yours; however, be sure that these affiliates adhere to the same high standards of business ethics as those employed by your own employees.

23. Set up a blog and use it to post articles that educate others about how they can improve their businesses by using your products or services.

As a entertainer (Models, talents, actors, singers and etc)

Asian Artist

1. Go put yourself out there in Social media, make sure in your social media, People will understand that you are in Japan.

2. Make sure you have great content in your social. No political comment or Racial topics that might harm your opportunities in the future.

3. Have many pictures/Video of your interest as possible to showcase the ability of what you are capable of.

4. Go to events, Talk to other entertainers like you to understand what their going through or what they do to achieve the goals you are setting.

5. Make sure you have visa to stay and work in Japan as a entertainer, you might want to consider the following visa if you are coming to Japan as a entertainer.

– Entertainer

– Spousal

– permanent Residency ( If possible )

– Working Holiday

– Student With Work Permit

– Journalist

– instructor

-Other statues

6. Don’t be afraid to tell people your career as a entertainer. You might never know when the opportunities starts flying in, and mentioning that you are “Model” or so will not harm you! Rather someone might remember that you are an model and give you gigs.

7. Have a friend groups that are in entertainment business. Having a friend that has knowledge in entertainment  business might help you get gigs! Remember to not used your friends, because they are just “a friend” not a Job giver.

8. If you are in new stage of being in entertainment industry, try several things. You might be into singing but sometimes you can try other things starting off by being model and you might have career from there, who knows!? So stop hesitating and have a large perspective on seeing the world.

9. Make a portfolio for yourself. Especially if you are an model, make sure you have on a good portfolio so you don’t have to tell people what you can do in your mouth, you can actually show it. If you are an artist, you can have mixtape or demo ready on your phone so people will take you seriously.

Model Portfolios examples
Portfolio of a models

10. Use social media wisely. It’s better to have your talent in your social so if you meet a person and you don’t have your portfolio, you can still have something to show. You might never know who you might bump into.

11. Sometimes reject job. If you get to a point where you consistently can get a gig, you need to set a standards to yourself. So basically if the gig is not paying certain amount of the pay or if it’s not well known, you don’t take the job, people will gradually know you as the high paying entertainer, however this might back fire you if you are rejecting gigs too often. Possibly leads you to have less gigs

12. Be kind at all time. Rumors spread so quickly in city of Tokyo, got to watch out on what you say sometimes, the guy you sitting next to you on Yamanote line might be your next director for your gigs

13. Explore places! Social media might let you meet people but, sometimes you got to move your feet to see who is out there or what you can learn from places or person.

14. Don’t be afraid to ask question. It’s better to talk than to be quiet, if you want to learn new technique and someone around you know it make sure you ask them, you might not get the right answer all the time but every time you’ll get new perspective.

15. Never forget that confidence. No matter what you do, understand that being an entertainer means you are giving out a show. If you act like you know what you are doing, people will acknowledge that. However you also have to truly believe within you that you are capable of anything and that you are unstoppable as a person. Mindset can truly trigger a person.

As a famous talent in Japan, who deeply is in involved in our company Bobi Ologun once said, ” an entertainer has to change the energy of the room to be better” so make sure you always come with good energy.

Bobi Ologun

Seek new opportunities for the passion you have.

  • Online: You can search for new opportunities online. Examples is social media. It could be instagram, Twitter or Facebook, it’s easier to find people of your interests.
  • Friends and family: Ask people you know if they know about any opportunities that would be a good fit for your skills, interests and experience.
  • Meetups/networking events: Attend meetups and networking events where you can talk to people who might be able to help you find an opportunity.
  • Job applications: Apply for jobs that sound interesting and reflect the skills that you have.

Learn the language and cultural customs.

To succeed in Japan, you’ll need to learn the language and cultural customs. There are many ways to do this:

  • Make Japanese friends/partners : This can benefit you as you talk everyday, it’s better for your friends or your partners to not be bilingual of your first language, so you’ll not fall back to your comfortable language.
  • Study up on Japanese history and culture : You’ll find many resources online or at your local library that will help you get started with this process. By learning the history of the country you’ll notice how the language is made and the the structure of the language.
  • Watch Japanese Movies or TV shows : By watching shows with subtitles of your first language, it might not be a perfect translation but you’ll understand the nuances.

Get a job that is related to your field of interest.

The first step to becoming big in Japan is getting a job that is related to your field of interest. If you are an English teacher, then teach English! If you are an artist, then create art! By getting job in your interest, you’ll be able to enjoy the work you do and also you can evolve your skill as you work.

People often think that if they want to become big in Japan then they must leave their home country and move here permanently–but this isn’t true! There are many ways for foreigners who live outside Japan (and even within) to become big in this country without actually living here full-time:

  • Get involved with volunteer organizations like JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) which send non-Japanese nationals abroad as part of their job descriptions;
  • Take advantage of opportunities such as study abroad programs offered by universities around the world where students spend time studying abroad before returning home again afterwards;
  • If you like putting yourself out there in the public, social media like TikTok, Youtube and etc can also get you big in Japan by posting Japanese content like comparison between two countries and maybe telling stories of experience and opportunity’s in Japan. Social media is no joke nowadays.

Try to work or study at Japanese companies or schools.

Again, language is honestly main key when it comes to Japan, no matter how much you study Japanese by yourself, the language keeps updating, but by going to Japanese work place or Japanese school, you’ll get have the experience of Japanese that people often use and speak. More native your Japanese get, people in the country feels more comfortable around you. You’ll find better opportunities and understand things for better. Also being able to start a small conversation or joke around in Japanese people will feel more trusting and being Japanese workspace or school will help you learn that.

Study in Japan as soon as possible.

Japan is a great place to study abroad. It’s one of the most popular destinations for international students, and there are many opportunities available for you to work or study in Japan. If you’d like to do both, that’s possible too!

university students in Japan
University in Japan

Many people choose to spend an extended period of time living with a host family while they attend university classes and immerse themselves in Japanese culture. You’ll learn how daily life works here while making friends who can show you around Tokyo and help introduce you to their favorite spots around town–maybe even introduce them back home!


Japan has a unique custom, culture and economy. Although learning the language seems difficult and sometimes the cultural difference might overwhelm you often,but if you put your mind and be consistent on what you do to be BIG IN JAPAN, there’s no reason why you should give up on your dreams. The harder you survive the easier it get to live after your achievement. I hope this article has helped you to better understand how you can become big in Japan. It is a country with many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and take risks. By following these steps, I believe that anyone can make it ! Let’s be big in Japan.

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