How Ridwan Oyekola became Big in Japan.

Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion” Nigerian Boxer in japan

In BIJ everyone is  getting familiar with this Nigerian Boxer. If you are not, in here you will get to know him and possibly get addicted to the way he perform at the fight.

Stinging the opponent in maximum level at all fight. He’s the fighter that everyone talks about at all the event that he’s fighting. Now, lemme tell you about how Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion” became Big in Japan. 

Ridwan Oyekola aka “Scorpion”
Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion”

2018 sends former national lightweight champion to retirement 

Taking place at GOtv Boxing Night 15 on December 28, Scorpion predicted to send former national lightweight champion, Nurudeen “Prince” Fatai, after they clashed, as Scorpion predicted he did sent the former light weight champion home.

2019 challenges Featherweight title 

On April 12 also taking place at GOtv boxing, again stinging incumbent champion, Taofeek “Taozon” Bisuga to the core, blowing some heavy lethal punches. He became the winner of the best boxer award at GOtv boxing and bragged it to the opponent 

2020 WBF Super Featherweight title bout against Argentine boxer

On December 27, this is the real opportunity that will be life changing for Ridwan. Before the actual fight, he visits to the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi, and he prayed for Ridwan and  passed useful boxing techniques. 

On the day of the fight was taking place at Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort in Ibadan for the vacant belt. succesfuylly winning the match he became the WBF Boxer of the Month for December 2020. And not only that, on top of that he also won the prestigious ‘Newcomer of The Year’ award according to an official statement released on the WBF website at the weekend. 

2022 First debut appearance in the Asian country, Japan.

Fast foward to September 4, 2022, Nigeria’s World Boxing Federation (WBF) Super Featherweight Champion had his first asian debut in Sapporo, Japan. Defeating the Japanese fighter Daisuke Watanabe. The  second most ranked in Japan.

In future month December, the Nigerian fighter went on fighting with another high ranked fighter Hikaru Fukunaga. Stinging the man winning the fight.

2023 Nigeria’s‘Scorpion’ knocks out Thai opponent in first round

Became Big in japan

Ridwan had been training really heard since the last fight. Loosing weight, changing the diet in maximum level.

Oyekola has continued to dominate headlines in Japanese boxing circle, but the fight taken place on January 22, was one of the memorable fight of all time. In article having headline of ‘Okinawa Mayhem’ as even took place at Okinawa, City Gym, Tomigusuku. His opponent was Manat Sopatip from Thailand. 

At first round Soaptip fell twice in 90 second and the fight ended in blink of our eyes. The Nigerian boxer defeated the man in first round by Soaptip receiving right hand hook-punch knocking him out. That has changed the Nigerian boxer to 100th position to close to first ten spot in the Super featherweight division in the world, according to

Ridwan Oyekola 'Scorpion' to Defend Super FeatherWeight Title in Japan
Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion” on the left. Manat Sopatip on the right



Ridwan has been undefeated in all fights in Asia at the moment, he has successfully making all Japanese fighters to be his victim, making the fighters from country of small island shocked and afraid. So afraid that all the some fighters in Japan are scared to fight with the Nigerian fighter, Ridwan.

In other hand, the he’s been provoking other high ranked fighters wanting to fight with Ridwan as well. He’s expecting another fights in March 20, at location called Korakuen Hall. Ridwan has been the talk of the town and he’s surly stirring the pot of fighters in Japan. The way Ridwan perform at the at the events are extraordinary. As I watch the fight in front of my eye, I do feel that he’s not fighting, he is ‘Performing’.

And Ridwan has talked in an interview about his fighting style himself saying “It’s not about fighting, It’s about playing, You just have fun doing it”.  This a performance that is going to change the boxing industry across the world. He became big in Japan by training hard, performing harder but mostly by being passionate on what he truly love doing. As he go Big in Japan, Let’s see how far  Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion” goes to sting the world.

Nigerian Oyekola KOs Thailand's top-ranked lightweight Manat in 1st round in Okinawa
Ridwan Oyekola AKA “Scorpion” winning the a fight in Japan

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