Featherweight boxing battle royale

scorpion boxing stance

Scorpion Taunts Matsumoto for Crown

Ridwan Oyekola Scorpion has been quoted saying that Matsumoto doesn’t have the power or the skill to get in the ring with him, and that he’s been dodging him for far too long. This has only added fuel to the fire, as fans of the sport have been eagerly waiting for this showdown. However Matsumoto has been tight-lipped about his strategy and refuses to engage in any pre-fight trash talk, leaving fans wondering if he is ready to face the Scorpions sting.

As the featherweight boxing champion draws near, all eyes are on the reigning champ, who seems to be  dodging the challenges of his fiercest competitor, Scorpion. With the stage set for the biggest fight of their careers, only time will tell who will emerge victorious and claim the coveted #1 spot in Japan. 

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