Dante Carver

Dante Carver, one of the most famous foreign entertainers in Japan

From his appearances in a series of TV commercials for SoftBank Mobile, Dante Carver became a very well known face in Japan. Growing up in New York City, Carver enrolled in Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia to study International Business. In 2005, Dante eventually made the move to Japan where he landed his role in the SoftBank commercial. In the commercial he plays a character known as “Yoso Guy”. The word is a pun for “yosogai” which in Japanese translated is as “unexpected”. In context he is a member of Japanese family, but is the only non-Japanese member. Part of the SoftBank family is white Hokkaido Dog who Dante is the older brother of.

In 2008, Dante was voted as the most popular male actor in Japan in for TV commercials. Dante has also starred in films in Japan such as Biohazard: Vendatta, Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max, and as of most recent Ultra Galaxy Fight.

One of the most famous foreign actors in Japan, Dante Carver
Most known as one of the family members in the SoftBank Mobile commercials.

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