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About Natsumi

Natsumi, a representative of Japan in Miss Supranational Japan in 2019 and happily crowned has share her experience of in this podcast. Natsumi was originally from Osaka and moved to Tokyo to chase her dream and to work hard to win this contest on the behalf of the misses that couldn’t be the representative of Japan.

Natsumi with crown

Natsumi’s Motto

Natsumi was making her biggest impact in sports such as softball and kick ball making good use of her hight scene junior high school. She began to have interest in reading books when her mother first recommend a book by Kazuto Saito which will then make her who she is now. The book brings out Natsumi’s positive and intelligent personality. Making her motto of her life “Fuku comes to the laughing gate” she believes the power that her smile holds and how it can make people around her feel happy. She started to see more potential on her life and decided to move to Tokyo. She starts to work as a nail technician and as a model taking advantage of her hight which was 177 at the time. 

Beauty Contest

Almost 3 years of operating her nail salon she wondered what she can do next and decided to participate in Beauty contest when one of her instagram follower saw her beauty and encourage her to apply for it. Natsumi decided to participate with strongly believing that she would change people lives, especially woman who are trying to start new business. With no knowledge of the contest and how it works she attend to the audition and felt an extreme pressure but still manage to show her loving and independent personality to the judges and went to the next stage. 

Attending to lectures and lessons Natsumi started to realize how actually hard it is to attend to a beauty contest. Being a tall girl and not being used to wear heels, she knew she couldn’t walk as perfect as the people who are used walk in heels. So she worked hard to show her personality and what she want to do to help woman to impress the judges. Training is one of the secret that keeps Natsumi healthy and happy. By training, your body will activate serotonin which sends massage to your brain and tell your body how to work. Natsumi said in this video that she train not only for to keep her body shape but also to keep her mental healthy by moving her body and use the plays of Serotonin. She also show that, beauty contest is not to show how beautiful you are but to show how you think and how you work on the problems you want to fix to make the next generations better. 

Just 8 months after she started, Natsumi won the Japan contest and became the representative of Japan and have the chance to be in the world beauty contest with 80 other representatives of other countries.

Natsumi on stage


In the video Natsumi talked about the tips to keep going forward and challenge herself. “I love to challenge. Challenging something that I never tried before excite me and also are growth to see a whole new world every time. The key to make yourself keep challenging into new things, I tell the people around me what I’m going to do next. By that you prevent yourself from giving up. I also think if you keep trying it will brings you to good endings. “

Social Media

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