Anime x Language Learning: Duolingo and Crunchyroll’s Unique Collaboration



Duolingo, a top language-learning app, and Crunchyroll, a popular Anime streaming platform, are teaming up to make learning Japanese more fun. This collaboration brings famous anime phrases into immersive lessons, aiming to make language learning enjoyable for users.

The Popularity of Learning Japanese:

Japanese ranks third in popularity on Duolingo in the U.S., following Spanish and French. Interest in Japanese has grown due to the surge in anime movies, video games, cosplay, and events in the country. The global popularity of anime, particularly in the U.S., has increased interest in learning Japanese. Duolingo and Crunchyroll’s collaboration leverages this cultural phenomenon to engage learners in a more entertaining way.

A lesson from the Duolingo x Crunchyroll collaboration

Duolingo and Crunchyroll’s Game-Changing Move:

The partnership between Duolingo and Crunchyroll is a significant step in innovative language education. By incorporating anime into language lessons, the collaboration not only meets the demand for Japanese learning but also makes the experience more enjoyable and educational. Duolingo’s method focuses on immersion, and integrating anime phrases enhances this approach. Users can learn conversational Japanese while enjoying iconic lines from their favorite anime characters, creating a deeper connection to the language and culture.


As interest in learning Japanese grows, Duolingo and Crunchyroll offer a unique language-learning experience. Through anime, users can enjoy a fun and effective way to master Japanese without complex methods.

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